Can't keep up with the work? 

Not enough resources? 


GCAssist is here to help!
We are an outsourced "in-house" Legal team that can support that unexpected project, or cover that missing headcount. Your success is our goal!



GCAssist can step in and provide the following services:


  • General Counsel Services 

  • IPO & M&A  Readiness  

  • Proxy Statement Services

  • Technology Licensing 



Our clients range from venture-backed start-ups with no legal department to Fortune 500 companies who need extra help.  


We assist in a manner that fits the client's needs.


Legal Made Simple


After 20 years of representing high tech companies, we realized one thing - traditional legal services aren't always the most effective in managing growth.  


With client demands on the rise and budgets on the decline, most companies either defer their legal needs or end up spending more than they need to.


At GCAssist, we can come in and quickly determine what is needed and how to get it done most efficiently.  We've built legal departments from scratch. We've negotiated multi-million dollar deals. We've helped companies buy and sell assets.  We've been advisors to the Board.


We have seen and done it all and we can help you do it too!