Commercial / Tech Licensing  

It's the end of the quarter and sales is ramping up.  Your contracts lawyer is going out on maternity leave.   You are the only lawyer at the company.  Who will review and negotiate your contracts?


Reviewing and negotiating contracts is typically the biggest day-to-day need for most companies.  From end of quarter needs to maternity leaves, legal departments often find themselves short staffed at some point during the year.  GCAssist has attorneys with the right level of experience to come in and get the job done - whether it is a simple vendor contract to a complex IP license.   

IPO or M&A Readiness 

The big event is here!  You are ready to go public or your company is getting acquired.  But, what does that mean to you? 


An event such as an IPO or a M&A transaction, requires a team of advisors. GCAssist can supplement your existing in-house team to get you ready for this big event. From setting up best practices to equity reconciliation and clean-up to managing due diligence, we are here to help you get through the transaction with ease. 

General Counsel Services 

We have attorneys with 10+ years experience available to assist companies in the role as General Counsel.  In this role, an outsourced GC can help you manage your every day legal needs without the need to add a full-time headcount to the bottom line until you're ready.  

Proxy Statement Services


It's time for the annual shareholder meeting!


Most GCs cringe when they think about the proxy statement coming around the corner.  It means D&O questionnaires, detailed compensation tables and long drafting nights.  We have experienced attorneys that are able to take on this time intensive but important project so you can focus on the business needs of your company.